Upgrading to IBM Rhapsody 9.0 and Compatibility with the RXF

On 2020-03-20 IBM has released Rhapsody 9.0. To be precise, it’s full name is not IBM Rational Rhapsody anymore, but “IBM Engineering Systems Design Rhapsody 9.0”. (Download-Link for Rhapsody 9.0: x86/x64)

It has introduced some changes for the Windows 10 AppLocker compliance that make Willert RXF V6 Setups incompatible with it. In detail: The “Share” folder has been split up into “UserShare” which resides in the Rhapsody data folder and “Share” which is now in the (usually read-only) Rhapsody program files folder. You will find property files like SiteC++.prp in the “UserShare” folder now, while e.g. profiles and settings delivered with Rhapsody are in the Share folder.

What you need to do to use the RXF with Rhapsody 9.0 depends on the RXF you have or want to install:

  • RXF V7 C++:
    use RXF C++ V7.11, it is the first version that was tested for Rhapsody 9.0 compatibility.
  • RXF V6 C++:
    it is highly recommended to upgrade to RXF V7 C++, see above.
    If you need to stay with RXF C++ V6, you can use the Setup.exe patch.
  • RXF V6 C:
    use the Setup.exe patch.
  • RXF-Cert V6 and V7:
    please contact us to discuss the individual impact of an upgrade to Rhapsody 9.0.
  • RXF V5 frameworks and older will not support Rhapsody 9.0 anymore.