RXF V6: RxfConstants.h and RxfDimensions.h Not Updated Properly

In some RXF V6 framework releases the RXF configuration header files are not updated properly.

The MakeFileContent property, responsible for the <component name>.bat generation, unfortunately contains a bug in several releases of the RXF V6. The bug was introduced when a check was implemented to only update the RxfConstants.h, RxfDimensions.h and WSTMemoryTypes.h files after configuration values in the properties (e.g. for memory pool sizes) have been changed. But as a hard coded component name was used instead of the variable containing the actual name, the files were not updated when the batch file became an updated timestamp. This can lead to configuration values inside RxfConstants.h, RxfDimensions.h and WSTMemoryTypes.h that do not get updated after property changes.

V7 or V8 frameworks and RXF-Cert frameworks (also in V6) were never released with this bug.

You can check if your RXF product is affected by searching for the hard coded name „TargetComponent.bat“ inside the MakeFileContent property of your RXF (located under <Language>_CG::<RXF name>::MakeFileContent) or in the RXF property file (Config\UserSettings\WST_RXF_V6.prp).

As a workaround the files RxfConstants.h, RxfDimensions.h and WSTMemoryTypes.h are always regenerated correctly when you remove them from the generated files path, either manually in the explorer or by executing the Rhapsody menu command „Code“ => „Clean Redundant Source Files“.

The problem can be fixed immediately by modifying the RXF property file (located under Config\UserSettings\WST_RXF_V6.prp). Replace all three occurrences of „TargetComponent.bat“ by „%TARGET_NAME%.bat“ (both without quotes). Future RXF V6 releases will contain the bugfix. Also make sure if in your Rhapsody models the MakeFileContent property is overridden, the overridden value also needs to be corrected.