RXF_Rpy_CPP_V7.06 to RXF_Rpy_CPP_V7.10 Timeout Handling Unprotected when Using Critical Sections instead of Mutexes

The property RXF_Rpy_CPP::Configuration::WST_TMR_PROTECTION contains a typo that will lead to a generated define that is not matching the #ifdef tests for timeout protection.
It is:
It should be:

This is only a problem, when RXF_Rpy_CPP::Configuration::WST_TMR_PROTECTION is set to WST_TMR_USE_CRITICAL_SECION. It is not a problem, it is is set to WST_TMR_USE_MUTEX.

In the Cert framework (RXF_Rpy_CPP_OORTX_Cert), in C frameworks and in V6 releases this problem does not exist.


The problem can be fixed by editing the file “<RXF_Rpy_CPP folder>\RXF\Config\Profiles\RXF_Rpy_CPP_Profile.prp”. In that file search for “WST_TMR_USE_CRITICAL_SECION” and replace the one occurrence by “WST_TMR_USE_CRITICAL_SECTION”.

An official release V7.11 that will fix this problem is planned and will be published soon.