Rhapsody 8.1.5 Support

IBM Rational has releases Rhapsody 8.1.5, which now supports roundtripping and reverse engineering also in the 64 bit version. Also it officially added support for Windows 10. For details see IBM Rational’s release information.

Our current RXF framework releases are compatible with Rhapsody 8.1.5 with one important exception:

Earlier Rhapsody versions came with the Java run-time environment (JRE) bundled and available in “<Rhapsody program path>\jre”. Rhapsody 8.1.5 bundles a complete Java development kit (JDK), available under “<Rhapsody program path>\jdk” and containing the JRE in it’s “jre” sub-folder.

Our RXF tools like the WSTDeployer use the Java version bundled with Rhapsody and expect it to be present under “<Rhapsody program path>\jre”. To get these existing RXF releases running with Rhapsody 8.1.5, you may simply create a symlink from “<Rhapsody program path>\jre” to “<Rhapsody program path>\jdk\jre”. You need proper access rights to perform this action in a program folder.

Example how to do this on the command line with proper access rights:

mklink /d “C:\Program Files\IBM\Rational\Rhapsody\8.1.5\jre” “C:\Program Files\IBM\Rational\Rhapsody\8.1.5\jdk\jre”

You may need to adapt the Rhapsody program path to your environment.

Future RXF releases will be compatible with Rhapsody 8.1.5 natively and will be backwards compatible with earlier Rhapsody versions by automatically creating a symlink during setup.

If you experience problems with the RXF setup, please contact us: support@willert.de .