IBM Rational Rhapsody 8.1.5 Build 9728113 for Windows 64-bits

Rhapsody 8.1.5 is released.

Release Notes

Adding editable units outside the project directory

Prior to release 8.1.5, if you wanted to add a unit located outside the project directory, you could only add the unit as a read-only reference, or have the unit’s file copied to the project directory. Now, you have the option of adding a unit to your model without copying the relevant file to your project directory. The unit is editable but remains in its original location.

Code Generation: suffix used for implicit object type

For implicit objects in models, you can now customize the suffix that is added to the generated class/struct on which the object is based. The suffix generated is controlled by the new property [lang]_CG::Configuration:: ImplicitObjectTypeSuffix (relevant for C/C++).

Code Generation: support for additional keywords in property DescriptionTemplate

The following keywords can now be used in the value of the property DescriptionTemplate: $Login, $CodeGeneratedDate, $CodeGeneratedTime, $RhapsodyVersion.

Copying operation arguments

The user interface now provides pop-up menu options and keyboard shortcuts for copying arguments from one operation to another. This feature can also be used with arguments of global functions and event arguments.

Diagram formatting: restoring default settings for graphic elements

It is now possible to restore the original format/size/display options for graphic elements after the “Make Default” option has been used to change these settings.

Eclipse integration: support for Eclipse 4.5.1 and 4.5.2

Rhapsody’s integration with Eclipse now supports versions 4.5.1 and 4.5.2 of Eclipse. This includes both the workflow integration and the platform integration.

Format toolbar: addition of new capabilities

A number of improvements have been made to the Format toolbar, including: 1) the addition of icons for underline, strikethrough, and adjustment of font size 2) the ability to format items in compartments 3) the ability to use the Format Painter tool in “stamp mode” in order to apply formatting to multiple items

Ordering of tags in Features window

Prior to release 815, tags were sorted alphabetically in the Features window, with no other sorting options. Beginning in this release, the Tags tab includes a “Use default order” check box. If you clear this check box, tags are displayed in the order that they were created, or according to the user-specified order if the original order was changed by using the ordering feature provided in the browser

Reverse engineering and roundtripping in 64-bit version of Rhapsody

The reverse engineering and roundtripping features are now available in the 64-bit version of Rhapsody. Note that roundtripping can be done at the component level, but not for individual classes.

Rhapsody API: new method for creating link between objects via flow ports

A new method named addLinkBetweenSYSMLPorts has been added to the IRPPackage interface. This method can be used to create a link between two objects via flow ports.

Rhapsody API: new method for setting message realization

A new method has been added to make it possible to set the realization of a message via the Rhapsody API (IRPMessage.setFormalInterfaceItem).

Rhapsody API: setting context pattern label for column

A new method, IRPTableLayout.setColumnContext, has been added to the Rhapsody API to allow you to specify a label from a context pattern, for a column. A corresponding get method, IRPTableLayout.getColumnContext, was also added.

Rhapsody Design Manager client: installation and updating

The Rhapsody installation now includes an option to install the Rhapsody DM client. In addition, when you connect to a DM server for the first time, the version of your Rhapsody DM client is checked. If the version does not match the version of the server, the correct version of the client is downloaded and installed.

Rhapsody Design Manager client: personal streams

The Rhapsody DM client now supports the use of personal streams.

Rhapsody Design Manager client: reflection of link validity status

The Rhapsody DM client now uses icons to reflect the validity status returned for links by the Jazz Foundation validity service. These status icons are displayed for linked elements in the browser, in tables, and on diagrams.

Rhapsody Design Manager: write-access control for configurations

You can now define write access for configurations by associating the configurations with team areas.

Support for IBM Java 1.8

Rhapsody now supports version 1.8 of the IBM JRE.

Support for Microsoft Windows 10

Rational Rhapsody can now be run on Microsoft Windows 10.

SysML Ports: greater control over display name

The properties ShowName and ShowStereotype can now be used for full ports, proxy ports, and standard ports, in order to control the way that names are displayed for these elements in diagrams. These properties can be modified directly or via the Display Options dialog.

Tables: customizing cell behavior

You can now use the Rhapsody API to customize the behavior of cells in a table layout. This includes: 1) customization of what information is displayed in the cell 2) providing the user with a customized list of elements to select from 3) customizing the way that user input to the cell is handled

Tables: displaying element labels

When defining columns in table layouts, it is now possible to specify that the label of an element should be displayed.

Tags: customizing information displayed for tags

New properties have been added to allow you to control the information that is displayed for tags – in the browser, in the Tags compartment of graphic elements, and when tags are included as stand-alone elements in a diagram.

TestConductor: testing classes with parts

TestConductor now supports assertion-based testing of communication between the parts of a class.

TestConductor: unit testing of implicit objects

TestConductor now supports unit testing of implicit objects.

User Interface: port contract selection lists

Performance improvements have been made to the filtering of the lists used to select interfaces for port contracts.
The features listed in this document are not available in the 64-bit version of Rational Rhapsody, which was introduced in release 8.0.3.
    Rational Rhapsody Architect for Software
    Reverse engineering – for languages other than Ada – not available prior to release 8.1.5
    Roundtripping – for languages other than Ada – not available prior to release 8.1.5. Beginning in 8.1.5, roundtripping for C, C++, and Java can be done at the component level, but not for individual classes
    Action language
    SCC-based configuration management tool integrations:
        Microsoft Visual Source Safe
        Rational ClearCase
        Rational Synergy
        Rational Team Concert
    Rational System Architect import
    Webify (web-enabling a model)
    TeamCenter integration
    Rational DOORS integration (via internal interface, not Gateway)
    Rational Rhapsody ReporterPlus (as of release 8.1)
    WindRiver Workbench 3.3 integration
    Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) – (from release 8.1.5 onward not available in the 32-bit version either)
    Tornado IDE integration (from release 8.1 onward not available in the 32-bit version either)