RXF Setup.exe Patch to Support 64-Bit Installations


Until today we highly recommended only installing Rhapsody in the 32-bit edition. The main reason was a limitation in features like roundtripping, reverse engineering etc.

With Rhapsody 8.3 iFix 2 this has changed. You may now also work with the 64-bit edition of Rhapsody. However the Willert Installer (Setup.exe as part of an RXF release) needed to learn how to handle Rhapsody 64 Bit installations. All RXF releases after 2018-03-14 can handle Rhapsody 64 Bit installations out-of-the-box. For older RXF releases you need this file.

This Setup.exe is used to patch existing RXF Installations to also support 64-bit Rhapsody installations. 32-bit is also still supported.
When clicking “Support & Contact Information” in the updated Setup.exe it shall show V5.11 as version number.

The old Setup.exe in an RXF setup folder needs to be replaced by this one.