RXF V6 Setup.exe Patch to Support Rhapsody 9.0

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Rhapsody 9.0 has introduced some changes for the Windows 10 AppLocker compliance that make Willert RXF V6 Setups incompatible with it. (Download-Link for Rhapsody 9.0: x86/x64)

This Setup.exe works as a replacement for the Setup.exe that comes with your RXF V6 product download. It includes patches to also support the new file storage locations of Rhapsody 9.0.

This setup is compatible with Rhapsody 32 and 64 bit versions.

The old Setup.exe in an RXF setup folder just needs to be replaced by this one. You can verify to have the right Setup by launching it and clicking “Support & Contact Information”. In the updated Setup.exe it shall show V5.14 as version number.

Note for RXF V5, V7 or RXF-Cert users: Please read our support announcement for upgrading to Rhapsody 9.0.

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