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Rpy_CPP_OORTX_Keil5_ARM_MCB1700_TD_V6.01 Release Notes

About Release Notes

This document lists all changes that have been applied to the RXF product Rpy_CPP_OORTX_Keil5_ARM_MCB1700_TD from version to version.
Changes can be new features which have been implemented, functional changes, fixed problems or new known issues.
If a change has been implemented for one parts this product consists of, if will be listed here. Rpy_CPP_OORTX_Keil5_ARM_MCB1700_TD
consists of:

== Product Rpy_CPP_OORTX_Keil5_ARM_MCB1700_TD ==
RXF ............... : Willert OORTX
IDE ............... : Keil uVision 5
Debugger .......... : Keil uVision
Modelling ......... : IBM Rational Rhapsody
Language .......... : C++
RTOS .............. : Willert OORTX
CompilerAndTarget . : Keil MDK-ARM for Cortex-M3
Board ............. : Keil MCB1700
Extension ......... : Embedded UML Target Debugger

New in Version V6.01

Changes introduced in Rpy_CPP_OORTX_Keil5_ARM_MCB1700_TD_V6.01 which was released on 2015-09-28.

Fixed Issues

Identifier Description
Case 4633 WSTModelling.h used to check the define WST_COMPILER_KEIL when defining the FIRE macros. This is not needed anymore and the #ifdef path could be removed.
Case 4634 The Stereotype MonitorForTC for using the TestConductor with the RXF and Target Debugger had a fixed GUID in the product specific RXF profile. This can cause problems when multiple RXF product profiles should be loaded at the same time into a model. Now it has a product and version specific GUID.
Case 4711 Corrected tick calculation. In previous RXF releases tm()-timeouts could expire up to two ticks too early. In tm(value) the value now specifies the time that at least needs to elapse, before the timeout expires. This means a tm(0) will expire at the next tick. Because of the tick granularity, a tm(1…WST_MS_PER_TICK) will expire after two ticks (which makes sure at least a full tick-cycle, lasting WST_MS_PER_TICK milliseconds, has elapsed).
Case 4836 Properties under C_CG::Configuration are not set via WST_RXF_V6.prp file anymore, but in the RXFComponent stereotype

New Features

Identifier Description
Case 4560 Added user Hooks before event processing and after event processing. Hooks are defined in WSTTarget.h.
Case 4635 The WSTDeployer now allows to override RXF files with generated files from the Model by using the same file name. For example it is now possible to override the RXF adaptation file WSTTarget.c by just adding a file with the same name somewhere in the model so that it generates. The WSTDeployer will then stop to deploy WSTTarget.c from the RXF source folder and will only add the file from the model. This behavior can be deactivated manually by setting ModelOverridesByFilename = false in WSTDeployer.properties.
Case 4787 #defines of the RXF have been moved into the Model. You can find it inside C_CG/CPP_CG::Configuration.
Case 4849 Changes state variables from int to enum
Case 4855 Using now a double linked list for timers in use. This have the advantage to remove a specific timeout faster from the list.
Case 4856 The memory pools are now defined inside the Rhapsody model (CPP_CG::Configuration). This can be used to specify a special memory region for each Memory Pool without changing the original source WST_MEM.cpp.
Case 4858 Improved Behaviour for timout Events.
Case 4859 Added a interrupt detection mechanism for Cortex Targets.
Case 4860 When putting Setting WST_MAX_TIMEOUTS == 0 no static Timeout array is used. Instead WST_MEM memory management is used.

Changes in Behavior

Identifier Description
Case 2035 WSTDeployer now uses the default name “GeneratedModel” (without space character) instead of “Generated Model” as a subfolder or group name in IDE sample projects to avoid problems with the space character.
Case 4637 Willert changed the JDK version for developing Java tools like the WSTDeployer from JDK1.6 to JDK1.7 (Java 7). This requires customers to have JRE1.7 available to allow execution of these tools.
Case 4743 handleEventNotConsumed and handleTONotConsumed in WST_FSM now use the same function pointer typedef “WSTHandleNotConsumed”.
This is the first release of the product “Rpy_CPP_OORTX_Keil5_ARM_MCB1700_TD”.
A list of changes will be contained in the release notes of future product updates.
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