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Rpy_CPP_CMSIS_Keil5_ARM_MCB1700_TD_V6.01 Release Notes

About Release Notes

This document lists all changes that have been applied to the RXF product Rpy_CPP_CMSIS_Keil5_ARM_MCB1700_TD from version to version.
Changes can be new features, which have been implemented, functional changes, fixed problems or new known issues.
If a change has been implemented for one parts this product consists of, if will be listed here. Rpy_CPP_CMSIS_Keil5_ARM_MCB1700_TD
consists of:

== Product Rpy_CPP_CMSIS_Keil5_ARM_MCB1700_TD ==
RXF ............... : Willert RXF
IDE ............... : Keil uVision 5
Debugger .......... : Keil uVision
Modelling ......... : IBM Rational Rhapsody
Language .......... : C++
RTOS .............. : Keil CMSIS RTOS
CompilerAndTarget . : Keil MDK-ARM
Board ............. : Keil MCB1700
Extension ......... : Embedded UML Target Debugger

New in Version V6.01

Changes introduced in Rpy_CPP_CMSIS_Keil5_ARM_MCB1700_TD_V6.01 which was released on 2017-02-27.

Fixed Issues

Identifier Description
Case 5461 Events with specific ID were not canceled by Linux implementation of WST_OSW_MSQ_cancelEvents()
Case 5465 CMSIS MSQ problems in implementation of WST_OSW_MSQ_cancelEvents and WST_OSW_MSQ_init
Case 5631 Fixed a bug where Data send from UML Target Debugger to Target is not handled correct. Data was lost.
Case 5643 Corrected Embedded UML Studio licensing mechanism for C++.
Case 5811 Fixed a bug where objects are initialized before the main Task was initialized which results in owner task == NULL. CPP
Case 5842 Corrected and added port related macros: OPORT, OUT_PORT, RiCGEN_PORT_GET_EVENT, RiCGEN_PORT_I, RiCGEN_PORT_ISR, RiCGEN_PORT_ISR_I, RiCIS_PORT and interface related macro CGEN_I

New Features

Identifier Description
Case 5636 By setting the Stereotype TC_WrapPrivateOperations to the active Component or Configuration all private Operations of the model will get a public wrapper operation named __wrapper().
This is needed to test private operations with the TestConductor.
This is the first release of the product “Rpy_CPP_CMSIS_Keil5_ARM_MCB1700_TD”.
A list of changes will be contained in the release notes of future product updates.
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