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Rpy_C_OORTX_Keil5_ARM_MCB1700_TC_TD_V6.01 Release Notes

About Release Notes

This document lists all changes that have been applied to the RXF product Rpy_C_OORTX_Keil5_ARM_MCB1700_TC_TD from version to version.
Changes can be new features which have been implemented, functional changes, fixed problems or new known issues.
If a change has been implemented for one parts this product consists of, if will be listed here. Rpy_C_OORTX_Keil5_ARM_MCB1700_TC_TD
consists of:

== Product Rpy_C_OORTX_Keil5_ARM_MCB1700_TC_TD ==
RXF ............... : Willert OORTX
IDE ............... : Keil uVision 5
Debugger .......... : Keil uVision
Modelling ......... : IBM Rational Rhapsody
Language .......... : ANSI C
RTOS .............. : Willert OORTX
CompilerAndTarget . : Keil MDK-ARM for Cortex-M3
Board ............. : Keil MCB1700
Extension ......... : BTC Test Conductor Interface
Extension ......... : Embedded UML Target Debugger

New in Version V6.01

Changes introduced in Rpy_C_OORTX_Keil5_ARM_MCB1700_TC_TD_V6.01 which was released on 2015-04-13.

Fixed Issues

Identifier Description
Case 4502 WST_FSM takeEvent() had a NULL pointer reference when used with the Embedded UML Target Debugger and Triggered Operations. Solved by proper initialization of event->destination and by setting event->source to me->owner as a workaround (we do not know the actual sender of a triggered operation as the calling code is not instrumented) in WST_FSM_handleSyncEvent().
Case 4525 Possible enterCriticalRegion without exitCriticalRegion if a WST_MEM_Pool runs empty.

New Features

Identifier Description
Case 4569 The RXF now uses Rhapsody Simplified Model Manipulation via Rhapsody Plugins to improve Code Generation and allow New Features

Changes in Behavior

Identifier Description
Case 2808 Added 32 vs 64 bit API/Java consistency check to WSTDeployer.bat. This should assist solving problems especially related to Rhapsody 64-Bit configurations.
Case 4555 Minor MISRA-C 2004 Improvements
Case 4568 WSTDeployer helpers (e.g. to open the deployment configuration dialog) are now associated with the release specific RXF profiles instead of being added to Tools menu via rhapsody.ini. This has the advantage that only the tool menu entries which are useful for the currently loaded profiles are shown. Also, you may now right-click the component (which has the RXFComponent stereotype assigned) and select options for deployment.
This is the first release of the product “Rpy_C_OORTX_Keil5_ARM_MCB1700_TC_TD”.
A list of changes will be contained in the release notes of future product updates.
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