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Rpy_C_OORTX_CodeWarrior_H08_V6.01 Release Notes

About Release Notes

This document lists all changes that have been applied to the RXF product Rpy_C_OORTX_CodeWarrior_H08 from version to version.
Changes can be new features which have been implemented, functional changes, fixed problems or new known issues.
If a change has been implemented for one parts this product consists of, if will be listed here. Rpy_C_OORTX_CodeWarrior_H08
consists of:

== Product Rpy_C_OORTX_CodeWarrior_H08 ==
RXF ............... : Willert OORTX
IDE ............... : Eclipse
Debugger .......... : None
Modelling ......... : IBM Rational Rhapsody
Language .......... : ANSI C
RTOS .............. : Willert OORTX
CompilerAndTarget . : CodeWarrior for H08
Board ............. : None

New in Version V6.01

Changes introduced in Rpy_C_OORTX_CodeWarrior_H08_V6.01 which was released on 2015-05-07.

Fixed Issues

Identifier Description
Case 4231 Added a WSTFalse to return Memory for staticComponent.
Case 4278 Profile Model under Config\UserSettings\RXFProfile.rpy contained a wrong unit reference name for the product profile .sbs
Case 4298 Property value for RemoteHostName is now specified without quotes
Case 4329 Under special environment circumstances the new version of the RXF Setup ended prematurely with an error right after starting.
Case 4502 WST_FSM takeEvent() had a NULL pointer reference when used with the Embedded UML Target Debugger and Triggered Operations. Solved by proper initialization of event->destination and by setting event->source to me->owner as a workaround (we do not know the actual sender of a triggered operation as the calling code is not instrumented) in WST_FSM_handleSyncEvent().
Case 4506 In an advanced test model we detected there may be a NULL pointer reference during C++ class destruction when the RXF shuts down (exit() on Windows PC). Added additional pointer checking to destructors in WST_FSM and WST_TMM.
Case 4525 Possible enterCriticalRegion without exitCriticalRegion if a WST_MEM_Pool runs empty.
Case 4633 WSTModelling.h used to check the define WST_COMPILER_KEIL when defining the FIRE macros. This is not needed anymore and the #ifdef path could be removed.
Case 4634 The Stereotype MonitorForTC for using the TestConductor with the RXF and Target Debugger had a fixed GUID in the product specific RXF profile. This can cause problems when multiple RXF product profiles should be loaded at the same time into a model. Now it has a product and version specific GUID.

New Features

Identifier Description
Case 4483 Major RXF performance improvements: Optimizations for function inlining and optimizes FSM implementation
Case 4489 Memory and Timer Optimizations: WST_MEM Static Pools are now also available as TINY and HUGE and can all or individually be deactivated by setting the numbers to 0. Also timer mechanism can be deactivated by setting WST_MAX_TIMEOUTS to 0.
Case 4508 The virtual table used for state machine code calls can now be reduced to three entries to save memory. It can be minimized by additionally assigning the stereotype SmallVtbl to the component.
Case 4510 Introduced the defines WST_VAR_TYPE_SPECIFIER and WST_INLINE_OP in WSTCompiler.h to allow adding compiler specific keywords like storage class identifiers for RXF data and allow explicit inlining of RXF operations.
Case 4515 Setting the define WST_MEM_POOL_CRITICAL_REGIONS protects static memory pool handling in WST_MEM_Pool_getMemory() and WST_MEM_Pool_returnMemory(). Together with a static configuration and the NO_MALLOC define this allows using CGEN/FIRE instead of CGEN_ISR/FIRE_ISR in interrupt routines.
Case 4560 Added user Hooks before event processing and after event processing. Hooks are defined in WSTTarget.h.
Case 4569 The RXF now uses Rhapsody Simplified Model Manipulation via Rhapsody Plugins to improve Code Generation and allow New Features
Case 4635 The WSTDeployer now allows to override RXF files with generated files from the Model by using the same file name. For example it is now possible to override the RXF adaptation file WSTTarget.c by just adding a file with the same name somewhere in the model so that it generates. The WSTDeployer will then stop to deploy WSTTarget.c from the RXF source folder and will only add the file from the model. This behavior can be deactivated manually by setting ModelOverridesByFilename = false in WSTDeployer.properties.

Changes in Behavior

Identifier Description
Case 2035 WSTDeployer now uses the default name “GeneratedModel” (without space character) instead of “Generated Model” as a subfolder or group name in IDE sample projects to avoid problems with the space character.
Case 2808 Added 32 vs 64 bit API/Java consistency check to WSTDeployer.bat. This should assist solving problems especially related to Rhapsody 64-Bit configurations.
Case 4192 Requirement references in RXF source comments now include the requirement prefix (e.g. \req{RXFC-123} instead of \req{123}).
Case 4236 Removed WST_RPY_VERSION define from RxfConstants.h (the RXF has no need anymore to check the Rhapsody build number).
Case 4505 Rhapsody products from now on always include the Rhapsody container classes. There will be no RC Extension anymore.
Case 4507 From now on using fixed Project names “Blinky”, “GettingStarted” etc. without postfixes like Multitasking, CPP or Cert. E.g. previous RXF releases with an RTOS and for C++ used “BlinkyMultitaskingCPP” as sample model name. Now it is always just “Blinky”.
Case 4511 The RXF does not need WSTVersion.c/h functionality anymore. Removed these files. It used to contain RiCOXF_pre71Settings() for Rhapsody, but now properties in the RXFComponent make sure that empty operation is not being called.
Case 4555 Minor MISRA-C 2004 Improvements
Case 4568 WSTDeployer helpers (e.g. to open the deployment configuration dialog) are now associated with the release specific RXF profiles instead of being added to Tools menu via rhapsody.ini. This has the advantage that only the tool menu entries which are useful for the currently loaded profiles are shown. Also, you may now right-click the component (which has the RXFComponent stereotype assigned) and select options for deployment.
Case 4637 Willert changed the JDK version for developing Java tools like the WSTDeployer from JDK1.6 to JDK1.7 (Java 7). This requires customers to have JRE1.7 available to allow execution of these tools.

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