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Rpy_C_MQX4_Keil_CM4K60_TWRK60_RC_TD_V6.03 Release Notes

About Release Notes

This document lists all changes that have been applied to the RXF product Rpy_C_MQX4_Keil_CM4K60_TWRK60_RC_TD from version to version.
Changes can be new features which have been implemented, functional changes, fixed problems or new known issues.
If a change has been implemented for one parts this product consists of, if will be listed here. Rpy_C_MQX4_Keil_CM4K60_TWRK60_RC_TD
consists of:

=== Product Rpy_C_MQX4_Keil_CM4K60_TWRK60_RC_TD ===
RXF ................. : Willert RXF
IDE ................. : Keil uVision 4
Debugger ............ : Keil uVision 4
Modelling ........... : IBM Rational Rhapsody
Language ............ : ANSI C
RTOS ................ : Freescale MQX4
CompilerAndTarget ... : Keil MDK-ARM for CM4 K60
Board ............... : TWRK60n512
Extension ........... : Rhapsody OXF Container classes
Extension ........... : Embedded UML Target Debugger

New in Version V6.03

Changes introduced in Rpy_C_MQX4_Keil_CM4K60_TWRK60_RC_TD_V6.03 which was released on 2013-09-23.

Fixed Issues

Identifier Description
Case 3372 Now all event queues are initialized before the modeled behavior starts.

Changes in Behavior

Identifier Description
Case 3409 Changed the Monitor helper AWK file. Now no additional lines are added to the generated code. This is needed to use the Framework with BTC TestConductor.

New in Version V6.02

Changes introduced in Rpy_C_MQX4_Keil_CM4K60_TWRK60_RC_TD_V6.02 which was released on 2013-08-21.

Fixed Issues

Identifier Description
Case 3181 Now the events are counted correctly.
Case 3182 Fixed a memory leek bug while cancel an event.
Case 3235 Added a two macros. OMSETPARAMS to set event parameter. IS_COMPLETED for state charts with termination state.
Case 3237 Protecting timeout queues via mutexes against concurrent task race conditions.
Case 3263 Now the WST_TMM_itsTimeout array is independent of #define WST_CFG_HIGHWATERMARKS
Case 3265 Fixed a problem of race conditions while putting messages into the message queue
Case 3372 Fixed problems with the message queue. Now using the RTOS internal event counter.

Changes in Behavior

Identifier Description
Case 3222 Now the RTOS message queue can differ between events from ISR and events from normal context.
Case 3268 Removed WSTStartBehaviorEvent.c/.h. The WSTStartBehaviorEvent is now represented as a normal WST_EVT.
Case 3305 Added the Stereotype Task to the RXF profile to create tasks with static stacks and message queues.

New in Version V6.01

Changes introduced in Rpy_C_MQX4_Keil_CM4K60_TWRK60_RC_TD_V6.01 which was released on 2013-05-16.

Fixed Issues

Identifier Description
Case 3143 RXFComponent Stereotype now overrides Include Statement Properties for the RiCContainers to support working without oxf subdirectory (flat RXF structure). WST.h additionally includes RiCTypes.h, RiCCollection.h, RiCList.h und RiCMap.h.
Case 3145 Defining RiCNotifyToOutput() as empty macro to solve build problems when Rhapsody generates it.
Case 3155 Corrected include file name for ports support (RiCDefaultReactivePort).
Case 3156 Correctly mapping WST_EVT_setDeleteAfterConsume() in WSTModelling.h.
Case 3157 Return value of operation IRiCReactive_gen() for ports support now initializes return value in any case.
Case 3158 Embedded UML Target Debugger now displays events which have been sent via ports correctly (a problem with undefined sender of the events was solved)
Case 3162 Fixed a macro definition Problem in WSTModelling.h. WSTGEN_PORT is now available.
Case 3178 The WST_MSQ_put() function called the error handler with code WST_ERR_EVENT_QUEUE_FULL, even if there was still space for one more event in the message queue.
Case 3181 Now the events are counted correctly.
Case 3182 Fixed a memory leek bug while cancel an event.

New Features

Identifier Description
Case 1319 The size of WST_FSM and WST_TSK structure is send to the target debugger while runtime. Its now more dynamic.
Case 2560 When creating a new Rhapsody project it is now possible to select the product specific profile as project type and select the WSTProfile as project settings both directly in the new project dialog. On earlier versions only one of these profiles could be selected as project type.
Case 2918 Implemented limited support for UML Ports

Changes in Behavior

Identifier Description
Case 3002 Added support for RxfExcludeByFilenameOnly property in WSTDeployer, which defaults to true. That makes sure only filenames of RXF excluded files are compared (ignoring cases) and allows easier exclusion of RXF files from Deployment.
Case 3163 Removed WSTRXFLib class from RXF, as the RXF_Init can also be used if the RXF is only used as subpart of a system.
Case 3166 Removed check for define WST_RXF_INIT_IS_MAPPED, as WST_RXF_Init() can also be overridden by user specific WST_RXF.c file and adding WST_RXF.c to WSTDeployerExcludedFiles.txt, if a different RXF implementation should be used.
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