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Critical bugfix for RXF C V8.0.8

For all users using the RXF C V8.0.7 and prior V8 versions, it is highly recommended to update to version 8.0.8 or newer because of a bug inside the timer manager.

The bug could occur when stopping an UML timer with another UML event. While stopping the timer by a user task, the timer task driving the UML timer could interrupt the stop operation of the user task and corrupt the linked list of timeouts in use and the depending message queue of an expiring UML timer.

The bug could cause problems very rare, what is the reason why it is discovered that late.

For any questions regarding this problem please contact the support @

Which RTOS / Compiler / IDE / Target is supported by the Willert RXF?

Our frameworks for UML code generation from IBM Rhapsody are developed in a way that they can be adapted easily to different RTOSes or targets and there is a huge list of supported environments. But there is a big difference between our version 6 frameworks and our version 7 generic framework.


Version 7: For our generic C++ framework there is just one download “containing it all” and allowing all combinations that make sense. That’s why we call it generic. Continue reading

Upgrading to IBM Rhapsody 9.0 and Compatibility with the RXF

On 2020-03-20 IBM has released Rhapsody 9.0. To be precise, it’s full name is not IBM Rational Rhapsody anymore, but “IBM Engineering Systems Design Rhapsody 9.0”. (Download-Link for Rhapsody 9.0: x86/x64)

It has introduced some changes for the Windows 10 AppLocker compliance that make Willert RXF V6 Setups incompatible with it. In detail: The “Share” folder has been split up into “UserShare” which resides in the Rhapsody data folder and “Share” which is now in the (usually read-only) Rhapsody program files folder. You will find property files like SiteC++.prp in the “UserShare” folder now, while e.g. profiles and settings delivered with Rhapsody are in the Share folder.

What you need to do to use the RXF with Rhapsody 9.0 depends on the RXF you have or want to install:

  • RXF V7 C++:
    use RXF C++ V7.11, it is the first version that was tested for Rhapsody 9.0 compatibility.
  • RXF V6 C++:
    it is highly recommended to upgrade to RXF V7 C++, see above.
    If you need to stay with RXF C++ V6, you can use the Setup.exe patch.
  • RXF V6 C:
    use the Setup.exe patch.
  • RXF-Cert V6 and V7:
    please contact us to discuss the individual impact of an upgrade to Rhapsody 9.0.
  • RXF V5 frameworks and older will not support Rhapsody 9.0 anymore.

RXF_Rpy_CPP_V7.06 to RXF_Rpy_CPP_V7.10 Timeout Handling Unprotected when Using Critical Sections instead of Mutexes

The property RXF_Rpy_CPP::Configuration::WST_TMR_PROTECTION contains a typo that will lead to a generated define that is not matching the #ifdef tests for timeout protection.
It is:
It should be:

This is only a problem, when RXF_Rpy_CPP::Configuration::WST_TMR_PROTECTION is set to WST_TMR_USE_CRITICAL_SECION. It is not a problem, it is is set to WST_TMR_USE_MUTEX.

In the Cert framework (RXF_Rpy_CPP_OORTX_Cert), in C frameworks and in V6 releases this problem does not exist.


The problem can be fixed by editing the file “<RXF_Rpy_CPP folder>\RXF\Config\Profiles\RXF_Rpy_CPP_Profile.prp”. In that file search for “WST_TMR_USE_CRITICAL_SECION” and replace the one occurrence by “WST_TMR_USE_CRITICAL_SECTION”.

An official release V7.11 that will fix this problem is planned and will be published soon.

Upgrading to IBM Rational Rhapsody 8.3 and Compatibility with the RXF

On December 4, 2017 IBM released Rhapsody 8.3. This release contains a lot of fixes and some changes. It is good to take a look at these changes to see what impact they have on your development environment.

iFix 2 Absolutely Required

Major changes in Rhapsody’s repository data, see next section, unfortunately introduced some problems that will be fixed again with the iFix 2 for Rhapsody 8.3 (32-bit).

Please take care when upgrading to Rhapsody 8.3 to directly also install iFix2.

Continue reading

Rhapsody 8.3 released

IBM released a new version of Rhapsody: 8.3

It is available for support customers of Willert Software Tools in the download area, but all guests can read the Release notes there.

Willert Software Tools will, in the next days, check if this release can be used by RXF customers.

One of the changes is the change from the old rhapsody file format to the new XML format.

Rhapsody 8.2.1 released

IBM released a new version of Rhapsody: 8.2.1.

It is available for support customers of Willert Software Tools in the download area, but all guests can read the Release notes there.

Willert Software Tools will, in the next days, check if this release can be used by RXF customers.

Rhapsody iFix2 for 8.2

Since a few versions, IBM creates Fixes for actual versions of Rhapsody.

Customers with a valid support contract can download them from this site.

There are several fixes, for 8.2, 8.1.5 and 8.1.4

Fixes are only available on this site for the 32-bit version

Fixes and downloads for 64-bits or for Linux are available on request (